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Either you you are looking for a way to money online for the first time or you have tried many programs before, there's one thing you would be sure of! The internet is full with these programs and systems, and most of them have some big issues!
These programs are:
difficult to use, or even worse they are useless. So basically you won't make a dime using them!
always asking you to buy updates and pro tools! So they are just keeping ripping you off!

Therefore we decided to create a serious professional program we called it the Lucrative Business Blueprint "LBB" to put an end to this!

One of the most guaranteed ways to make money online is to be a vendor yourself! You must have a product or a service to sell to make money, just like the creators of the money making programs you were scammed with before! They are making money by selling you their scammy programs and products!

But of course you won't create scammy products or programs! You will create products that will add value to people's lives!

Now you may say the following: "But I have nothing to create a product/program about"!

Yes! You have!

Every human being has hobbies, skills, andpotentials, or is passionate about something!

You can be passionate about playing guitar! So you have 12 different products/programs to create about your favourite music instrument, and teach others how to play it!

Maybe you master a second language! So you can easily create 12 products/programs about it and make huge profits from it!

You can be enjoying making cupcakes! Well you can make a business out of it just teaching other people how to do it!

And there's no end to what you can be passionate about! We guess you nailed it!

Now we think your question will be "How do I do to create a product/program about my hobbies or skills or interests? What are the different products/programs I can make? How can I make profits from them? How much can they make me?"

You can find the answers in the section below:

What you'll learn

The 9 chapters of LBB... to create a product about any topic you are passionate about

Understanding the Challenges

A deep review of the challenges most people face when it comes to starting a business.
Some people don't even know what is holding them to start.
Understanding these challenges is the key to eliminate them.

The Solution

Every problem has a solution.
The Lucrative Business Blueprint covers all the solutions you need to follow to overcome the challenges you will face when you are ready to launch your lucrative business.

Old/New Fashion

This chapter focuses on the old trend of thinking about launching a business, and proves how it's totally wrong! This is by far the first reason why most people don't start their dream business.
Then it will give you all the details about the new fashion of leading a business. A fashionthat is followed by most entrepreneurs around the world such as Mark Zuckerburg, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, etc...
You will be surprised what is making a 19 years old entrepreneur so successful and living a lavish life,while a 50 years old guy is still fighting to pay his bills!

Your Mission

Everyone of us has a mission in his life! Few came to figure it out, while the most don't have a clue about it!
Finding what your mission in life is, will guide you defining what business you should follow. It's the primary key toward success.
If you don't know what your mission is, then you are lost and you will never succeed in any business!

Modalities of Learning

Every business idea can be introduced in 5 different modalities, these are the basic learning modalities.
A deep explanation of each modality will be covered in this chapter.

The 12 Products

Once understanding what's your mission in life (understanding what you are good about, your skills & potentials), you are ready to choose between 12 products/programs to create, make a business about, and make profits from them!
These 12 products/programs are:

1- eBooks
2- Audio Programs
3- DVD Programs
4- Membership Websites
5- Teleseminars
6- Live Events & Seminars

7- Webinars
8- Coaching & Consulting
9- Tools & Samples
10- Speaking
11- Online Courses
12- Mastermind Programs

Build Your Brand

This chapter is the major part of the Lucrative Business Blueprint.
Step by step guidance is provided to show you how to build the 12 possible lucrative business products/programs you can create.
An example is giving in each product type to follow, with very detailed steps, as well as the tools you need to use; and the sources that can help you more.


This chapter covers all the aspects of the successful marketing you can follow, as well as teach you the different channels that will guarantee you the lucrative results you are dreaming of.
You will learn how to make $100,000/year from each single product/program you will create.

The $1 Million Formula

This is by far the biggest secret of the Lucrative Business Blueprint. When it comes to making money there are 3 strategies everyone is following, they are referred to as M1, M2, and M3. Almost everyone is following either M1 or M2 and they are not making big! M3 is only followed by 1% of the population! These 1% are making 98% of the nation income!
This chapter will reveal the M3 strategy and the techniques and tools you will use to maketo make your first $1 million!
Discover what you are good at, what you are passionate about, and what your new source of income will be about
Choose between 12 different products/programs, and follow the instructions to create
Multiple marketing strategies will assure you making $100,000 from each single product/program you create
Achieve your first $1 million following the M3 strategy

FAQ & Answers

We got you covered, here are the most asked questions and our answers. Still have more questions? Email us to

What Are the 12 Products/Programs I Can Create?

1- eBooks
2- Audio Programs
3- DVD Programs
4- Membership Websites
5- Teleseminars
6- Live Events & Seminars

7- Webinars
8- Coaching & Consulting
9- Tools & Samples
10- Speaking
11- Online Courses
12- Mastermind Programs

Using the LBB you will find step by step instructions and the tools to create the following products/programs:

How Do I Start Creating My Product/Program?

Once you choose the product/program you find the most convenient, you can start right away creating by following the easy step by step instructions in the LBB! With every product/program type there will be a realistic example that you can follow or even copy!

How Can I Find The Topic I Should Create My Product/Program About?

The LBB will help you determine your skills, your potentials, and hobbies! As well as help you find all the needed information about what you are passionate about, and that you will use to create your product/program about!

How Much Profits Can I Make From Each Product/Program I Create?

Every product is accompanied with a study that will show you what's needed to make $100,000 within a year! As well as the different marketing strategies that will allow you to achieve this goal!

In an advanced step, we will reveal to you the secret M3 strategy that will allow you to achieve $1 million/year!

How to start using the LBB?

The resources you need. The support you need. In 3 easy steps.


Use any of the buttons on this page to download your LBB copy! Your download will be instant!


Follow the steps inside the LBB. Find out your best interests in life, create a product/program about it, build your business about it, and start making profits! And achieve $1 million within one year with the M3 strategy!


Don't hesitate to contact us anytime you have an inquiry.
Send us an email to and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

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